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Green Irony Revive: A New Offering to Help MuleSoft Customers Experiencing Failed Deployments & Flawed Integration Architectures

Green Irony has launched Revive – an offering tailored to help MuleSoft customers whose business objectives have been derailed by failed deployments and flawed integration architectures. This launch is a response to significant market feedback.

“Unfortunately, we’re seeing a large install base of MuleSoft customers where low-cost partners did not set them up for success. This is highly disappointing to us since we’ve always seen MuleSoft as a strategic platform that lets customers invest in solving digital transformation’s top technology problem: scalable systems integration. The approach of throwing under-skilled labor at a platform like MuleSoft without a foundation is counter-productive, and many customers have paid the price and missed high-level business goals because of it.”

– Aaron Shook, Founder & CEO of Green Irony 

Aligning with MuleSoft CONNECT 2022’s themes of innovation and driving business outcomes, Revive’s purpose is to rescue customers struggling to thrive and realize the full potential of their MuleSoft investment. The Revive program leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to quickly identify all APIs within an enterprise’s IT environment and diagnose issues to quickly get customers back on track. 

Through the Revive offering, Green Irony’s team evaluates the customer’s existing architecture, utilization of MuleSoft capabilities, development best practices, and upcoming roadmap to maximize the use of Anypoint Platform with architectural patterns that meet business objectives. 

“Anypoint Platform is not a magic wand. Its true power lies in giving companies the ability to design APIs more strategically to align with business goals. By using artificial intelligence, Revive lets us quickly diagnose what went wrong and make recommendations for how we can get back on track. We’re very excited to help this underserved segment of the MuleSoft customer base realize their original visions of scalable, API-led integration fueling greater business agility.”

– Aaron Shook

Revive deliverables include a distillation of Green Irony’s findings through a platform assessment and an in-depth implementation plan that includes budget, resourcing, and timelines required to meet business objectives.

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