Green Irony was founded in 2016 to support the vision of Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff: to apply technology for the advancement of business and stakeholders to better the world. There is a significant gap in helping customers realize this vision, and we are determined to close that gap by leveling up every interaction with our employees, customers, partners, and the broader community.

As technologists that specialize in integration and application architecture, we saw Salesforce as the best way to drive rapid business value to stakeholders. This still holds true. However, with technology not slowing down any time soon, we expanded our enterprise into many other high-caliber platforms.

Green Irony’s goal is to change how our customers think of delivering technology and enable them to achieve digital transformation and long-term success. We want to empower businesses to operate like a tech company and combine the advances of that operating model with their own. If they can integrate, enable, and scale, the sky’s the limit- even pigs can fly.

Our Story

What’s In a Name?

We get asked this a lot: “What’s the story behind your name and the pigs?”

The answer is simple. Too many organizations expect technology to solve all of their business problems- just like magic. They spend large amounts of “green” on these solutions but never see a return on their investment because their initial problems weren’t addressed to begin with. Time and money are wasted and they end up right back where they started.

Convincing a business it can’t buy its way out of its problems is no easy task. We’ve been told that maybe we could change the way corporations operate “when pigs fly.”

Challenge accepted. That’s how the flying pig was born. Businesses can’t “bank” the success of their business on technology alone, which is how our flying pig and mascot, Banks, got his name.


Our entire team is on-shore, with hubs in Raleigh, NC and Tampa, FL.