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Leading in risk-managed, fast platform migrations, we align immediate success with sustainable architecture. We tailor technology to your objectives, forging long-term solutions with composable integration. Partner with us and experience migration delivery excellence.


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Benefits of Platform Modernization

Are you an executive 
business leader?

  • Transition from legacy systems to scalable solutions, enabling your business to grow unimpeded by outdated technology
  • Reduce total ownership costs with efficient, modern platforms tailored to deliver greater value for your investment
  • Our meticulous migration ensures uninterrupted operations, safeguarding your business flow during the transition
  • Commitment to on-schedule project completion, avoiding endless timelines, and ensuring promised outcomes are met

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Are you an innovative technical leader?

  • Deliver on immediate tech needs with advanced migrations that promise quick, tangible results
  • Build a robust, adaptable IT infrastructure poised to integrate and leverage emerging technologies like generative AI
  • Meet deadlines and get your new platform workflows live on schedule with a foundation you can trust
  • Mitigate continuity risks with a phased, composable approach to migration using APIs

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We don’t like to play favorites (ok, maybe a little bit), but we know which platforms can drive the most success when leveraged properly. That’s where Green Irony comes in.

  • Empower Your Migration with MuleSoft: At Green Irony, we use MuleSoft to not only streamline your platform migration but also to lay a resilient, future-ready foundation for innovation. Our strategic, phased migration approach minimizes risks and ensures business continuity.

    Whether we’re partnering to ensure success in a legacy system migration to a newer ERP or CRM or replacing an underperforming iPaaS platform, we understand how to get the most out of your MuleSoft investment. We’ll leave you with a connectivity fabric that allows you to incorporate new technical innovations like AI, setting your organization on a path to high-ROI technology investments.

  • Embrace the Future with AI: At Green Irony, we recognize the transformative impact of OpenAI’s capabilities on business operations. Our platform migration strategy now embraces the power to infuse intelligence directly into user workflows, a game-changing ability that redefines how humans and AI collaborate.

    This fresh perspective ensures our migrations are not just about moving to new platforms but about reimagining workflows for enhanced efficiency and creativity that is now unlocked by AI. With us, step into an era where your platforms transcend traditional roles, becoming intelligent partners in your business’s growth and innovation journey.

  • Unlock Salesforce’s Full Potential: We have the platform experience to execute seamless migrations from software being retired to Salesforce, leveraging composable APIs to do the heavy lifting and reduce business risk. Our expertise ensures your migration from legacy platforms is not just a change, but an evolution.

    We align Salesforce’s robust CRM, service, and other platform capabilities with your business needs, ensuring improved customer relationships and operational efficiency. Partner with us for a migration journey that is strategically planned, expertly executed, and future-proof, paving the way for your business to thrive in a Salesforce-enabled technology organization.

  • Rationalize your Portfolio with Slack: Slack’s flexibility and ease of use make it the ideal platform for retiring old, costly systems that provide minimal but necessary business capabilities. Combining Slack with a composable integration approach surfaces endless possibilities for enabling your workforce to be more effective in their Roels.

    The shift to Slack simplifies your enterprise software landscape and enables you to successfully hit portfolio rationalization goals. Choose Green Irony for a Slack-enabled workspace that’s more integrated, efficient, and user-friendly, propelling your team towards streamlined communication and collaboration on a simpler IT stack.

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Industry Case Studies

  • A transportation and logistics company had legacy systems that were preventing them from gaining a 360-degree view of their customers. Their goal was to connect all data from their growing number of customer touchpoints to improve the customer experience.

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  • A property and casualty insurance provider decided they needed a modern insurance policy system. The company needed to integrate over 20 third-party systems to support automated policy quoting based on property conditions, risk assessment and profitability projections, policy creation, document printing, claims, payments, and more.

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