As technologies continue to evolve and develop, Green Irony ensures user workflows and core systems can keep up with your technology and business initiatives.

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How We Help Businesses Modernize Their Technology Platforms

Data is your most valuable asset. Whether you’re working with an ERP or CRM migration, data between these systems must be available for users who need them within their native applications to ensure a smooth transition to improved business processes.


We help you select the best capabilities of your SaaS offerings to leverage, ensuring they are being used and connected properly.


We create a solution architecture/application network to meet the needs of your user migration plan.


We design, develop, test, and deploy solutions across multiple platforms.

Benefits of Platform Modernization

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business leader?

  • Use your IT budget and resources wisely and effectively
  • Eliminate the risk of migrating users to a new system
  • Reduce and eliminate unnecessary software licenses
  • Increase the speed of your ROI

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Are you an innovative technical leader?

  • Spend more time innovating and less time “keeping the lights on”
  • Connect your tech stack by eliminating disconnected, legacy systems
  • Eliminate costly, low ROI lift and shifts
  • Decrease workflow inefficiencies and increase speed to market

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We don’t like to play favorites (ok, maybe a little bit), but we know which platforms can drive the most success when leveraged properly. That’s where Green Irony comes in.

  • Many companies are unable to achieve the flexibility needed to get data in and out of their CRM. Without low-code options to migrate data that automates and drives modern workflows, businesses are unable to operate and scale effectively.

    Salesforce helps create a solution that meets your immediate business outcomes while setting the foundation for future scale and customizations within your business.

  • Unlocking existing systems through APIs is paramount to the success of any business looking to embrace a new platform. Whether a parity migration or re-imagination of your business process, data is key to allow for a flexible rollout.

    MuleSoft accelerates the time to market by embedding the tools required to integrate into any system to create scalable, reusable processes for your business.

  • Many IT departments embrace new systems but are unable to keep tabs on what and where data is flowing to and from. It is critical to have a 360-degree view of your data to know and understand the security needs across all systems. 

    Noname Security operationalizes the discovery of APIs to ensure you have a single pane of glass into the data flowing across your applications and the core capabilities of threat assessment.

  • Migrating to a new system means meeting your users where they are at. This requires businesses to bridge the gap between old systems and new ones while protecting users and customers from learning the nuances of a new system.

    Slack accelerates the adoption of a new system by tapping directly into the human network that is driving business processes and productivity across digital systems.

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Industry Case Studies

  • A transportation and logistics company had legacy systems that were preventing them from gaining a 360-degree view of their customers. Their goal was to connect all data from their growing number of customer touchpoints to improve the customer experience.

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  • A property and casualty insurance provider decided they needed a modern insurance policy system. The company needed to integrate over 20 third-party systems to support automated policy quoting based on property conditions, risk assessment and profitability projections, policy creation, document printing, claims, payments, and more.

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