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Green Irony Partners with Sageworks

We’re pleased to announce that we have partnered with Sageworks ( to deliver a™ integration for Sageworks’ best-in-class banking platform. This integration will allow banks and credit unions to be better prepared to meet the needs of today’s customers, providing a 360-degree view of each customer’s asset and risk profile. This integration enables users to make better informed decisions at the front end of deals, streamline internal loan and deposit processes, and surface new revenue opportunities from existing customers.

“This integration for the first time connects Salesforce users with Sageworks users,” says Jay Blandford, President at Sageworks. “We are thrilled to be able to provide Salesforce users quick access to the customer lifecycle data, automation and portfolio analytics that are uniquely available from Sageworks. Partnering with Green Irony to develop this integration for our clients was a no-brainer.”

As in other industries, the value that financial institutions get out of Salesforce is heavily influenced by the quality of the implementation and how well it fits the business’s needs. This new integration from Sageworks provides quick-and-easy access to Sageworks Loan, Deposit, Collateral and Lien data, and all without leaving the Salesforce platform. Business users at financial institutions can easily push loan applications to underwriting to be worked on by loan approval teams in the Sageworks software. From Salesforce, they can continually monitor the progress of loan deals, all in real-time, through both the Classic and Lightning Experiences. Find out more at
This solution aligns strongly with Green Irony’s core mission of unlocking the value of the Salesforce platform and giving customers the tools they need to run large portions of their businesses on the Salesforce platform. We are very excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for our banking customers.
Looking to take your banking processes to the next level with Salesforce and Sageworks? Contact us today.