Salesforce Einstein Keynote Highlights – Dreamforce 2019

Green Irony

Nearly 50% of companies report using some form of AI in their business. This is up from 20% two years ago. Businesses using Salesforce Einstein are seeing tremendous success. Einstein has helped reduce time to solve service cases, increase revenue, increase lead conversions, and increase productivity.

Einstein Business Impact

Many companies still don’t know how to get started with AI or know how to apply AI effectively. In the Einstein keynote, Salesforce displayed how they have made it easy to begin your AI journey. Here are some of the highlights:

Start by Asking a Question

The keynote showcased a number of great use cases, all of which started with one simple question specific to each business. To explore what questions other companies have asked and their use cases check out Einstein’s Guide to AI Use Cases

Einstein Intelligence in Salesforce 360

Einstein is the intelligence layer found throughout 360. Each cloud has a corresponding Einstein, and in many cases, it is included in the base licenses of each.

Einstein for Salesforce 360

Salesforce continues to evolve and improve the AI functionality throughout the clouds, but there are a handful of new features worth noting. The first of which will impact every Salesforce user. Einstein Search will improve the user experience and reduce clicks to your desired action by using natural language processing in search.

Einstein Search

Other new noteworthy Einstein features on Salesforce 360 include: 

  • Sales Cloud  – Einstein Call Coaching
  • Service Cloud – Einstein Cloud Voice
  • Marketing Cloud – Einstein Content Selection
  • Commerce Cloud – Einstein Designer

Einstein Voice Skills

The potential to increase productivity and ensure data accuracy is great with the integration of custom voice skills in your CRM. To get started with the basics, Salesforce has created Einstein Voice Skills for admins and developers to build custom voice apps and deploy them to any roll in your organization.

Salesforce Einstein Voice Skills

For more information on how it can be applied for sales and services, see our opening keynote highlights.

Einstein Predictions

Salesforce customers can now use Einstein Prediction Builder to build one free custom prediction on the platform. A great way to test your question and see enough benefit of Einstein Predictions to want to ask more.

Salesforce Einstein Predictions

AI-Powered Recommendation Builder

Einstein Next Best Action was released last year and many customers are benefiting greatly from it. And now customers can benefit from a new pilot AI-Powered Recommendation Builder. AI-Powered Recommendation Builder is a recommendation engine that extracts the complexity of machine learning and deep learning but surfaces it through a simple interface any admin and developer can use to build custom recommendations.

Salesforce AI Recommendation Builder

This covers just a few high-level highlights. There’s no doubt that the continued innovation of Einstein features throughout Customer 360 and the developer tools create a great world of AI possibility for your business. We’re excited to begin exploring the new features. 

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