MuleSoft Integration Keynote Highlights: Unleash The Power Of Salesforce Customer 360 With APIs

Green Irony

The MuleSoft Integration Keynote gave us a few noteworthy announcements and showcased excellent use cases. The use cases displayed the power of MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform and the impact APIs have on creating a Single Source of Truth to unlock the full power of Salesforce Customer 360 and create API communities within your organization and with your partners. We’ll add a link to those use cases when they become available. 

The average customer interaction spans 35 systems and the average enterprise uses almost 1,000 different applications. With data and processes so fragmented, traditional point-to-point integration approaches can’t keep up. Those approaches are too slow and brittle. How you integrate your systems and applications is critical to the success and operational efficiency of your digital initiatives. The MuleSoft Anypoint Platform solves that problem and allows you to increase the clock speed of your business. 

These two slides are great visuals for how MuleSoft solves these architectural challenges:

Traditional Integration Approach - MuleSoft

APIs with MuleSoft Change the Integration Paradigm

MuleSoft is essential to connecting the experiences in Customer 360 and unlocking the full power of the platform. So, we’re excited to see these announcements.

MuleSoft Accelerators for Salesforce Service and Commerce Clouds

MuleSoft accelerators reduce the time and cost it takes to integrate with Salesforce by up to 60%. Service and Commerce Cloud users will now be able to pull in data from back-end systems like SAP and ServiceNow and surface that data within Salesforce. Developers will be able to do this using pre-built APIs and integration templates available on MuleSoft Exchange.

MuleSoft for Service and Commerce Clouds

Clicks Not Code Approach to Innovation

MuleSoft is going to continue to make the platform richer for technical teams, but to assist non-coders and make innovation accessible throughout the organization MuleSoft is working to make the end-to-end integration lifecycle simpler with Clicks Not Code. The updated flow designer is already available in the Anypoint platform where you can create and re-use APIs and plug them directly into Salesforce and use Einstein to automate data mapping. Next year, MuleSoft is going to release product to simplify the entire end-to-end lifecycle from design, build, deploy, and manage APIs without code. This will give you even more capabilities with MuleSoft.

MuleSoft - Clicks Not Code

MuleSoft API Community Manager

Earlier this year, MuleSoft released API Community Manager, a developer platform to enable and grow developer ecosystems for APIs. With Community Manager, developers can leverage a CRM like experience to build API marketplaces for pre-built components and templates and drive adoption within their community through collaboration on forums and support channels. Additionally, by leverage dashboards, developers can monitor the overall health of their community and track the performance of their APIs.

MuleSoft Community Manager

We’re excited to see the progression of MuleSoft as it becomes more woven into the Salesforce ecosystem and helping our clients connect all of their data to create a Single Source of Truth and maximize the customer experience.