Building the Foundation for a 360-Degree Customer View & Improved Experience

The Challenge

A transportation and logistics company had legacy systems that were preventing them from gaining a 360-degree view of their customers. Their goal was to connect all data from their growing number of customer touchpoints to improve the customer experience. These touchpoints included customer service interactions, order cancellations, order look-up capabilities, over-the-phone payments, account maintenance, and more. To support this objective, the company needed to transition from a legacy interactive voice response (IVR) system to a new SaaS IVR solution that integrated with their ERP.

The Objective

  • Transition their legacy .net code system to a new, SaaS-based system to enable a 360-degree view of their customers
  • Unlock customer service data with reusable APIs to enable better customer support
  • Decouple their legacy systems and build a new, scalable infrastructure
The Objective

The Solution

To enable their integration needs, Green Irony worked closely with their business stakeholders and technology teams to evaluate their pain points and lay the foundation to eliminate roadblocks in future customer service interactions. Once all teams were aligned, Green Irony planned and designed an API-led integration solution built on MuleSoft to address their pain points and provide the digital agility needed to scale successfully. 


  • Leveraged MuleSoft to decouple their in-house .net code system and enable their ERP integration
  • Built process APIs and set up the foundation in MuleSoft to enable a new SaaS-based IVR to connect to their ERP
  • Unlocked data in Salesforce to allow for real-time customer updates
  • Eliminated the need for batch-processing and order-processing inefficiencies
The Solution

The Results

By decoupling their customer data and transitioning them to a SaaS-based customer service model, the company was able to rapidly improve customer service interactions and streamline their services through the power of MuleSoft and Salesforce which has: 


  • Reduced annual IT costs by nearly half a million dollars
  • Reduced complexity of scaling their IT infrastructure to incorporate additional applications and third-party data providers
  • Enabled the business to save time and improve overall process efficiency for employees and customers

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