Implementing Salesforce Automation Into Your Digital Transformation Strategy

“Prior to Salesforce CPQ, we had challenges managing the complexity of our quotes due to the number of permutations of products. As a result of this complexity, margin control on a quote-to-quote level was not always within the thresholds set forth by our business. After partnering with Green Irony and Salesforce, we now have the fine-grained control over product configuration, pricing, and overall margin control on a deal-to-deal basis that we need.”

Steve Silva, CFO

The Challenge

Healthcare is rapidly evolving and the training and education of the next generation of healthcare professionals must keep pace. CAE Healthcare is at the forefront of this revolution, delivering educational tools and simulation products that help train professionals to provide safe, high-quality patient care. With a broad array of products, CAE is able to offer targeted training to hospitals, medical schools, emergency response teams, military branches and nursing, respiratory, and allied health programs. CAE needed to better manage its complex product line and provide accurate quoting, fine-grained promotional discount control, and margin protection for its state-of-the-art patient simulator product lines.

The Objective

  • Using Salesforce CPQ, provide business users at CAE with accurate visibility into the overall margin of in-flight deals, allowing them to make informed business decisions prior to sending quotes to a customer.
  • Provide CAE a 360-view of their customers across the business by leveraging Pardot, CPQ, Service Cloud, Field Service Lightning, and Communities.
  • Provide a single source of truth to ensure data accuracy across business units to improve the customer experience and improve visibility into contracts and service agreements.
The Objective

The Solution

  • Develop a deep understanding of CAE’s business and pain points to design an end-to-end solution from prospecting activities to pricing standardization to maintenance tracking. 
  • Migrate all data and business processes within Salesforce to provide each business unit the same real-time, 360-degree view of the customer.
  • Using Salesforce CPQ, bring together margin control, quote accuracy, product bundling, approval workflows, and automated subscription renewals into a single source of truth.
The Solution

The Results

  • Salesforce CPQ has enabled CAE to overcome unique challenges related to the complexity of its product line and put it in a position to drive additional organizational efficiencies into downstream processes. 
  • With a single source of truth, CAE has the visibility and business intelligence it needs to know exactly what is being quoted to the customer.
  • Accurate data at the close of a deal allows CAE to kick off business processes like shipping, installation and professional services, field service and warranty workflows, accounting and revenue recognition, and customer service engagement, all based on the data collected while quoting.
  • With a 360-degree view of the customer, CAE is now able to provide best-in-class service to its loyal customers.

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