The Value of MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

Green Irony

No matter what digital transformation initiative you wish to take on, integration is the key requirement for making it happen. Without a sound integration strategy, transformation initiatives die a slow and costly death, never accomplishing the required business objectives. 

We’re clearly huge fans of MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. It’s because we’ve built integration networks from the ground up. That first-hand experience is why we feel so strongly about the benefits and value of Anypoint Platform. 

Many enterprises evaluate MuleSoft against building their own custom integration platform. Since our team of integration experts have used just about every pattern, platform, and programming language to tackle those challenges we created a comprehensive whitepaper that compares those two approaches

The Value of MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Whitepaper

The Value of MuleSoft Anypoint Platform whitepaper provides a perspective from a lifetime of engineering experience into integration and middleware challenges enterprise face today. 

A side-by-side comparison case study, included with the whitepaper, showcases how two insurance carriers addressed their integration challenges and the differences in corresponding feature rollouts. 

The comparison of the two approaches reveals how using MuleSoft resulted in:

  • 56% cost savings in initial stages of API platform initiatives 
  • 2x increase in API development speed

Here’s a full breakdown of the content:

  • Introduction
    • Why You Should Care About Integration
    • Green Irony Engineering & the Evolution of Integration
  • The Technical Landscape
    • The Dollars & Cents of Integration
    • Current Techniques & Challenges
    • Microservices, APIs & the Application Network
    • Project vs. Product & the Full Software Development Lifecycle
  • Bring Your Own Mule: Why Can’t I Just Build It Myself?
    • Reinventing the Mule
    • Advantages of Buying the Mule
    • Agility & Ability to Address Business Needs
    • The MuleSoft Approach
  • Staff & Expertise Needed to Execute
    • Skills Acquisition
    • Separation of Duties 
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Case Study- Homegrown vs. Mule: An Insurance Carrier Comparison

Download the full whitepaper to gain insight into the value of MuleSoft Anypoint Platform and how it’ll help you focus on the initiatives that will achieve your transformation and business objectives.