Whether you are opening, sharing, changing, or pulling sensitive data, you are leaving your business wide open to security breaches. If you aren’t actively pursuing security measures, it’s only a matter of time until someone identifies your company vulnerabilities and you have a data breach.

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How We Help Businesses Secure Their APIs

The majority of businesses and their tech organizations don’t realize they have a number of rouge APIs, or APIs running that nobody knows about. Many also have servers with unsecured APIs on modern SaaS platforms or legacy vulnerabilities that could expose sensitive data. Green Irony can help you take the initial steps to secure your business so that you can rest easy.


We review your API inventory and identify the security risks within it.


We provide a remediation plan to resolve the most significant risks to your business and technology roadmap.


We lockdown known APIs starting with OWASP Top 10 coverage. Then, we install Noname Security to provide insight into the rest of your IT infrastructure and monitor your APIs.

Benefits of API Security

Are you an executive business leader?

  • Save time, labor, and cost overruns from data breaches
  • Address the most significant risks to your business and technology roadmap
  • Ensure technical and business alignment through proactive security monitoring
  • Maintain customer loyalty and brand trust

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Are you an innovative technical leader?

  • Immediately identify and contain data breach threats
  • Automate compliance and regulatory development and engineering tasks
  • Avoid severe disruptions to your production systems
  • Automate the discovery of rogue and shadow API assets

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We don’t like to play favorites (ok, maybe a little bit), but we know which platforms can drive the most success when leveraged properly. That’s where Green Irony comes in.

  • APIs are an ever-expanding attack service and vulnerability that when undetected, can cause businesses nearly $9.5 million in data breach costs.*

    Noname Security is the only solution to proactively discover, monitor, and secure your entire environment from API security vulnerabilities, rogue APIs, API misconfigurations, and design flaws while providing automated API attack detection, assessment, and response plans.

    *IBM Cost of Data Breach Report

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