New Kid on the Block Point of View – What Makes Green Irony Different?

Andrew Reddie

Starting a new job can be difficult and sometimes downright scary, especially being the new kid on the block. Yes, I just showed my age by providing a New Kids On The Block reference. Whether it’s a new job, a new position or new colleagues, there is always an adjustment period that everyone analyzes and assesses that life decision.

To my pleasure, in the world of Green Irony, I did not experience any of those concerns. All fears and worries were eliminated by the first communication I had with anyone in the company. If you are still reading this blog, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t have those concerns, or more importantly, the reason behind having a positive feeling as a new colleague joining a team. Let’s dive into it.

5 things that I think make Green Irony different and successful:

  1. Culture – My first interaction with Green Irony came from a current employee. She raved about the greatness of this company and convinced me that I would be a perfect fit. She spoke about the culture being one of inclusion and outcome-driven. The leaders of Green Irony want their colleagues to be inclusive and lead. They believe this practice of inclusivity will help colleagues grow to their full potential. Colleagues are empowered to think outside the box, innovate, and develop, which is not a normal cadence at a lot of companies.

  2. Leadership – My first interaction with the leaders of Green Irony reinforced the culture. They were knowledgeable and intelligent individuals, who focused their company on outcomes to achieve success. They are particular in selecting the correct individuals to join the family. They want to ensure that any new colleague would contribute positively and will fit the culture that exists at Green Irony. Every interaction is genuine and gives you the feeling that you are part of a family. Leadership is not only instilled at the top, but leadership is also encouraged and shown throughout the company. Each individual is empowered to lead projects, and make decisions that will guide clients to success.

  3. Innovation – Green Irony welcomes new ideas that can help improve any process or the company as a whole. Everyone in the company listens and encourages new concepts or initiatives. Every colleague has a voice and knows they can share their thoughts, leading to colleagues having a more fulfilling job.

  4. Outcomes – A lot of companies or individuals say they are outcome-driven but definitely do not understand what that means. At Green Irony, they not only understand the concept but follow that thought process with colleagues and customers. Colleagues’ performance and success are based on outcomes. Outcomes that are agreed upon, when reviewing career goals. How those outcomes are achieved, isn’t the focus. The focus is on getting the task completed in the most efficient and innovative way possible, with the aim of benefiting all parties involved.

    In regards to customers, Green Irony focuses all their projects on outcomes and this thought process ensures a successful end result. A customer will never believe Green Irony does not have their best interest at heart, due to defining success by outcomes.

    NOTE: For the cynical readers, like myself, in the world… No illegal processes or activities are used to deliver these outcomes.

  5. Ownership – Colleagues, as well as the founders, believe in taking ownership at Green Irony. During the interview process, it is communicated that Green Irony empowers their colleagues so they can be successful. At first, I thought it was just bull. However, on my first day at Green Irony, I saw the culture in full swing. Colleagues were owning the relationship with clients and ensuring that clients understand the value Green Irony brings to their company. Colleagues were encouraged to take control of their schedules and ensure outcomes were successful and delivered on time. This is not a new concept, but so many companies fail at truly empowering colleagues. Green Irony has figured out the secret sauce for motivating colleagues and allowing them to be part of the process, instead of sitting on the sideline.

Am I really the new kid on the block? No, this scenario doesn’t exist at Green Irony because of the reasons I mentioned. All uncertainty was eliminated by my first interaction with a colleague. New colleagues or new customers should know that Green Irony will always have their best interest and success in mind. They empower their team to not only make Green Irony successful but to make all associated with Green Irony successful. Yes, that means you! The current or future customer. The potential new employee. Welcome to success!! I know you will enjoy the Green Irony journey as much as I do.