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Salesforce Einstein Keynote Highlights – Dreamforce 2019

Nearly 50% of companies report using some form of AI in their business. This is up from 20% two years ago. Businesses using Salesforce Einstein are seeing tremendous success. Einstein has helped reduce time to solve service cases, increase revenue, increase lead conversions, and increase productivity.

Einstein Business Impact

Many companies still don’t know how to get started with AI or know how to apply AI effectively. In the Einstein keynote, Salesforce displayed how they have made it easy to begin your AI journey. Here are some of the highlights:

Start by Asking a Question

The keynote showcased a number of great use cases, all of which started with one simple question specific to each business. To explore what questions other companies have asked and their use cases check out Einstein’s Guide to AI Use Cases

Einstein Intelligence in Salesforce 360

Einstein is the intelligence layer found throughout 360. Each cloud has a corresponding Einstein, and in many cases, it is included in the base licenses of each.

Einstein for Salesforce 360

Salesforce continues to evolve and improve the AI functionality throughout the clouds, but there are a handful of new features worth noting. The first of which will impact every Salesforce user. Einstein Search will improve the user experience and reduce clicks to your desired action by using natural language processing in search.

Einstein Search

Other new noteworthy Einstein features on Salesforce 360 include: 

  • Sales Cloud  – Einstein Call Coaching
  • Service Cloud – Einstein Cloud Voice
  • Marketing Cloud – Einstein Content Selection
  • Commerce Cloud – Einstein Designer

Einstein Voice Skills

The potential to increase productivity and ensure data accuracy is great with the integration of custom voice skills in your CRM. To get started with the basics, Salesforce has created Einstein Voice Skills for admins and developers to build custom voice apps and deploy them to any roll in your organization.

Salesforce Einstein Voice Skills

For more information on how it can be applied for sales and services, see our opening keynote highlights.

Einstein Predictions

Salesforce customers can now use Einstein Prediction Builder to build one free custom prediction on the platform. A great way to test your question and see enough benefit of Einstein Predictions to want to ask more.

Salesforce Einstein Predictions

AI-Powered Recommendation Builder

Einstein Next Best Action was released last year and many customers are benefiting greatly from it. And now customers can benefit from a new pilot AI-Powered Recommendation Builder. AI-Powered Recommendation Builder is a recommendation engine that extracts the complexity of machine learning and deep learning but surfaces it through a simple interface any admin and developer can use to build custom recommendations.

Salesforce AI Recommendation Builder

This covers just a few high-level highlights. There’s no doubt that the continued innovation of Einstein features throughout Customer 360 and the developer tools create a great world of AI possibility for your business. We’re excited to begin exploring the new features. 

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Digital Transformation

Dreamforce 2019 Opening Keynote Highlights

The opening keynote to Dreamforce 2019 had it all – an overview of the Salesforce mission and core values, new feature announcements, exciting product demos showcasing the future of Einstein AI, and even a few interruptions from protesters. As it has become expected, the Salesforce core values – trust, customer success, innovation, and equality – were woven throughout the keynote and at the foundation of each announcement. A lot was covered in the keynote, so let’s dive into some of the highlights we found most exciting for the Trailblazer community and our clients.


Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform, continues to break down barriers to enable people to gain the skills to excel in today’s digital economy. Today, Salesforce announced that they strategically joined with AWS to offer free AWS skills on Trailhead.

Salesforce Trailhead

Additionally, Salesforce has partnered with Apple to release Trailhead Go, exclusive for iOS devices. Trailblazers will now have access to over 700 modules anytime anywhere and have access to exclusive microbadges.

Trust And Customer Revolutions

“Everything is changing in our industry. Everything is changing in our world. Because it’s an intelligence revolution.” Benioff said. He went on to say that as AI has become a more pervasive part of our world it has changed trust and led to a customer revolution. But addressing this revolution and new customer expectations won’t be easy for most companies. That is why they are continuing to evolve the Customer 360 platform to bridge the gaps.

Salesforce Revolution

To successfully bridge the gap Salesforce will continue to bring in strategic partners and operate as one community.

Salesforce Strategic Partnerships

Sales Cloud – Einstein Call Coaching

A live demo of Einstein Call Coaching on Sales Cloud was showcased. This new feature, built for inside sales teams, leverages AI to process audio to provide sales managers with insights and trends that surface in call data. By using speech recognition and natural language processing, Einstein Call Coaching analyzes call recordings and provides reps and managers with the insights to optimize their calls and increase conversions.

Salesforce Einstein Call Coaching

Service Cloud Voice

Another great demo showcased Service Cloud Voice. Service Cloud Voice unifies live calls, digital channels, and CRM data in real-time. Einstein AI uses natural language processing during service calls to transcribe the call and surface the most relevant knowledge article alongside the customer information to help the service associate provide a great experience. This feature gave State Farm associates the power to close cases 39% faster.

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Single Source of Truth – Customer 360 Integration

Benioff also discussed how we are moving from Systems of Intelligence to the Single Source of Truth (SSOT). That is why Salesforce has evolved Customer 360 with SSOT built deep inside it and as a part of the architecture of Salesforce. This why the MuleSoft acquisition has been so critical.

Salesforce Customer 360 Single Source of Truth

Using the power of MuleSoft accelerator for Customer 360 you can now connect every data system to create that single source of truth for your customers. Using the MuleSoft Anypoint platform, customers can build and reuse APIs for any data source and connect them to Customer 360. Plus, as many of you already know, MuleSoft exchange offers many prebuilt API and accelerators to connect your data even faster.

MuleSoft Accelerator for Customer 360

Salesforce Customer 360 Integration

Einstein Voice Assistant

Einstein Voice Assistant isn’t new. It was first announced last year. But today Salesforce announced that they have expanded the capabilities of Einstein Voice Assistant for any role or industry giving every app built on Salesforce a voice. Now in just a few clicks admins and developers can create custom voice apps across the Customer 360 Platform.

Einstein Voice Assistant

We’re excited to dive into more new features and capabilities of the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, MuleSoft, and more during Dreamforce. Check back for more blogs on key topics from this week.

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Green Irony News

Green Irony Advances to Silver Salesforce Consulting Partner Tier

It’s with great pride that we can announce that we have advanced our Salesforce partner tier. Green Irony is now a Silver Salesforce Consulting Partner and on the path to becoming a Gold partner.

Green Irony’s core mission is to unlock the value of the Salesforce platform and give our clients the tools they need to run large portions of their businesses on the Salesforce platform.

“We’re excited to have achieved Silver status as a Salesforce partner and look forward to aggressively attacking our next goal of Gold partner. We’ve been fortunate enough to build a team of skilled consultants who live and breathe Salesforce and MuleSoft and thrive on evangelizing the software platform and continually learn about the next great thing so that we are well-equipped to add the most value possible to both our customers and our trusted partners at Salesforce and MuleSoft. We’re proud of the achievement but are by no means finished since our goal has always been to be the most knowledgeable in the market.” – Aaron Shook, Green Irony CEO

Our core competency is enterprise architecture and our team of Salesforce experts have a great understanding of the platform’s capabilities and how it fits within the enterprise environment. By combining our enterprise architectural skills with heavily certified and seasoned Salesforce professionals, our team is able to push the limits of the Salesforce platform and create scalable business solutions that set our customers up for future success.

About Green Irony

Green Irony combines high-end enterprise technology expertise with heavily experienced and certified MuleSoft and Salesforce experts to maximize the return on its customers’ investments in the MuleSoft and Salesforce technology platforms. Green Irony’s core focuses include the financial services vertical, MuleSoft application networks, and complex Salesforce implementations. Green Irony blends expertise in enterprise architecture, Salesforce, and MuleSoft to build best-of-breed solutions with real business impact for its partners.

Green Irony News

Green Irony Joins the MuleSoft Partner Program

Green Irony to Leverage Anypoint Platform to Support Connecting Applications and Data in the Cloud and On-Premises 

Raleigh – June 3rd, 2019 – Green Irony today announced its partnership with MuleSoft to provide consulting services for MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™. Anypoint Platform unlocks the power of API-led connectivity, enabling organizations to connect apps, data and devices more rapidly and efficiently. 

MuleSoft provides the leading platform for building application networks . Green Irony’s implementation expertise and industry knowledge, coupled with MuleSoft’s technology, gives clients the support and tools they need to harness the rapidly growing number of apps and data sources. With Anypoint Platform, organizations can unlock new revenue channels, improve customer experiences and drive innovation. 

Green Irony utilizes MuleSoft’s revolutionary API-led connectivity approach to fuel digital transformation efforts for forward-thinking customers. By combining decades of experience in middleware and integration technology and architectural best practices with expertise in MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, Green Irony is well-equipped to handle the complex integration use cases of today’s digital initiatives. 

Green Irony’s process revolves around delivering business outcomes. Its phased approach to projects involves understanding the customers’ business problems and goals and using these to create a staged approach to delivering capabilities and fueling business outcomes with MuleSoft. Each deliverable adds to the overall strength of the resulting application network, meaning new initiatives on the technology roadmap are less time-consuming than their predecessors and the overall value of the technology artifacts increases with time and investment. 

“MuleSoft’s combination of outcome-based delivery, product superiority, and architectural excellence provides clients an unparalleled recipe for success,” Aaron Shook, CEO and Founder of Green Irony said. “Our team of experts has spent dozens of years working in the middleware, integration, and API space, and MuleSoft’s API-led approach to connectivity is truly a game-changer. We are excited about our partnership with Mulesoft because their differentiating value proposition aligns with our own: delivering transformative business outcomes for our clients.” 

“With the explosion of disparate technologies today, connecting them all quickly and efficiently is the key to gaining a competitive edge. Through its partnership with MuleSoft, Green Irony is enabling its customers to create a dynamic application network to achieve their goals and accelerate their pace of business,” said Brent Hayward, senior vice president of global channels and alliances, MuleSoft. “We’re pleased to welcome Green Irony into MuleSoft’s partner ecosystem and look forward to working together to deliver significant business impact to our mutual customers.” 

As a MuleSoft Partner, Green Irony helps clients address on-premises, cloud and hybrid integration use cases with scale and ease of use. 

About MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft’s Anypoint PlatformTM is a leading application network platform. It allows organizations to create composite applications that connect apps, data, and devices through API-led connectivity to form a flexible application network. Anypoint Platform is a unified, single solution for iPaaS and full lifecycle API management, both on-premises and in the cloud.

About Green Irony

Green Irony combines high-end enterprise technology expertise with heavily experienced and certified MuleSoft and Salesforce experts to maximize the return on its customers’ investments in the MuleSoft and Salesforce technology platforms. Green Irony’s core focuses include the financial services vertical, MuleSoft application networks, and complex Salesforce implementations. Green Irony blends expertise in enterprise architecture, Salesforce, and MuleSoft to build best-of-breed solutions with real business impact for its partners. 

MuleSoft is a registered trademark of MuleSoft, Inc., a Salesforce company. All other marks are those of respective owners.