Our Name & The Pigs

We get asked a lot – What’s the story behind our name and the pigs? The explanation is quite simple. 

Technology investments are fundamentally meant to add value and improve your bottom line directly or indirectly by improving efficiencies, eliminating redundancies, and ultimately helping your organization accomplish its business goals more quickly. Attaining a positive return on that investment requires a combination of selecting the right technology and applying expertise to meld that technology to your business. Too many organizations purchase myriad new technologies but fail to capitalize on the investment due to a lack of expertise in the technologies. This approach results in wasteful technology projects and gradually empties their piggy banks rather than filling them. As software architects, we’ve always found irony in this situation. That’s the origin of the name and the pigs. Then…the pig just took on a life of its own.

We’ve Been Making Pigs Fly Since 2016

Organizations invest in the Salesforce and MuleSoft platforms because of their speed-to-market, low TCO, and ability to let them focus on the business scenarios that are important. However, without melding them into your business processes and utilizing best practices for each platform, you’ll only scratch the surface of the platforms’ full potential and won’t extract the maximum business value these world-class platforms are capable of providing.

Green Irony was founded in 2016 because we believe in the power of Salesforce and MuleSoft solutions for fueling large-scale, impactful digital transformation efforts capable of rapidly moving the needle for your business. Our mission is to help our clients maximize their technology investments.

  • Meet the Leadership Team

    Green Irony
  • Aaron K Shook

    Aaron K Shook

    CEO & Founder

    Aaron has spent his career helping enterprises understand the technology landscape and how to properly apply the right technology and architecture to advance their strategic business objectives. He gained and developed his expertise as an architect at IBM and then PointSource where he led a broad range of enterprise technology software projects. Aaron is driven by helping clients solve new problems through innovative thinking and leading the Green Irony team in rapidly implementing best-in-class software solutions.

  • Andrew Reddie

    Andrew Reddie

    VP of People

  • Luke T. Langford

    Luke T. Langford

    VP of Sales

  • Kevin McAbee

    Kevin McAbee

    Director of Technology

  • Chris Ketchuck

    Chris Ketchuck

    Director of Engineering

  • Ron Reed

    Ron Reed

    Director of Strategic Services

Company Values

Our Values
  • Transparency

    Foster an environment of effective communication, collaboration, and collective decision-making through a free and open exchange of ideas and information with no hidden agendas or conditions.

  • Balance

    Cultivate an environment that promotes personal and professional growth - work-life balance, balance in diversity of projects, and balance between learning and execution.

  • Community

    Contribute, maintain, support, and celebrate the community that defines who we are and how we deliver value to our clients.

  • Stewardship

    Support and contribute to the continued growth and success of colleagues and clients.

  • Innovation

    Continuously seek to improve the path to the best client outcomes and ensure they are delivered with quality.

  • Integrity

    Treat others with respect, be accountable, and operate with honesty.


  • Raleigh, NC

  • Tampa, FL